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Worried that your child has lost confidence or interest in school work? Need a friendly yet professional solution?  We´re here to help you put things right. Or is your child already making great strides forward and you just want to ensure things stay that way by giving him or her the edge?

We´ll infuse confidence and enthusiasm by focussing on your child’s innate ability to perform well in English/Literacy or Maths.

The aim is always to create a love of independent learning and to sail through classwork or homework, which might otherwise cause them distress or indifference. We put children at the top of their game in academics.

We closely follow the national guidelines for study and attainment, while taking account of your child’s individual development and personal attainment as we explore learning together.  

For Literacy and English, we begin with a reading and spelling age test and a computer based assessment of general ability, which allows tutors to create a personalisd target plan for  progress to the next sub level and beyond - at your child´s  pace. 

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